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23-24 MAY
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Join us at the EFCA General Assembly and Conference in Madrid on 23 and 24 May 2024 to explore the important theme of a future EU «Blue Deal.» With a focus on harnessing nature to address climate emergencies and the role of consulting engineers in clean energy production, the conference will feature sessions and discussions led by industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders. From exploring the potential of water-based solutions in energy infrastructure to managing floods and leveraging natural resources, our panels will offer insight into best practice in procurement and sustainable engineering solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the dialogue shaping the future of the European engineering consultancy industry and its role in solving the emerging water emergency.
Panel Sessions will cover the important topics of energy infrastructure, climate impact management and best practice in public procurement. We will explore how the Blue Deal aligns with the EU’s Green Deal, examine innovative approaches to infrastructure projects, and showcase case studies of successful procurement strategies. Join us in Madrid to network with industry peers, gain valuable knowledge, and contribute to advancing sustainability initiatives across Europe and beyond!




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23 May 2024 EFCA GAM 2024 Conference

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